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Truly fantastic…

Hi all…we are seeing a lot of creativity here in this competition. A month has almost gone by and we have more than 100 participants waiting in line to register their blogs…and we expect the numbers of new entries to increase come this long school holiday at the end of May.

That’s the time when we expect fresh pictures of places and faces to appear in the competing blogs. But why wait! Come over now and take the best snap shots so that you can upload them immediately on your blogs.

As you can all see, the quality of pictures in the blogs that have been published is fantastic. It surprised even myself to see all the hidden talents emerging and pitting creativity to outdo fellow competitors.


One important event that is coming up is the “Boat on the Road” fishing competition – the first of its kind ever held in the country. The event will be held from May 7 to 8 at Terengganu’s much talked about “Angler’s Paradise” in Tasik Kenyir. More information about this event will be made avail…


Alluring, Enchanting, Mesmerising, Mystical...well… these are some of the words that best describes Terengganu.

It will be too far fetched to describe Terengganu as Heaven on Earth but after moving around visiting interesting places, including off-road adventures, Terengganu may just be the next best thing.

Its islands, namely Redang, Perhentian and Kapas are well known in the world tourism map. For those who have been there, you will agree that the sand and the sea offers more than just basking…the underwater rainforests are among the best in the world!

On the mainland, the 244 kilometres of white sandy beaches are among the best in the country and a major stretch of these pristine beaches are still untouched by development and most important of all, the stretch in Dungun near Rantau Abang are the nesting grounds of the giant leatherback turtles.

Waterfalls in Terengganu are among the best in the country with the Cemerong waterfall in interior Dungun near Kampung Pasir Raja being the tal…