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Experience a holiday in the tropics, Terengganu ultimately

Travel along the Terengganu coast and you will surely be awed by its impressive 244km long stretches of sandy coastline, traditional Malay coastal villages, domestic animals wandering in the fields and picturesque sunrises coming below the horizon.

With swaying coconut and casuarinas trees lining the white sandy beaches, amidst the gentle breeze of calm seas, it is just picture perfect. Beyond Terengganu’s impressive coastline lie some of the most popular island destinations in Malaysia.

Dotting the seas are spectacular emerald islands of powdery white sands, azure waters, naturally form coral gardens and spectacular marine lives. In the inland lies lush tropical rainforests, dazzling waterfalls, flora and faunas of exotic species and other natural wonders.

Arriving by plane, you will pass the tropical rainforests and circle out across the foaming surf and beaches to the airport, welcoming you to the beginning of a memorable and magical holiday! The treasures of nature, tradition and…


Terengganu offers an array of delectable culinary delight. As in other state, rice is the staple food. Food is reasonably priced and visitors have a wide range of delicacies to try out. As the state is situated close to the sea, seafood plays a prominent role in its culinary scene. Fresh ingredients are said to give Terengganu’s food its lip-smacking taste and distinct fragrance.


Traditional crafts, handmade souvenirs and beautiful fabrics are among the assortment of items that await avid shoppers. Fabrics include songket (a silk brocade) as well as batik. Aside from the traditional sarong, batik is also fashioned as pareos, beach wear, bags and scarves. The keris or Malay dagger is a unique item available in pewter and brass. Watching how these traditional weapons are made is a fascinating experience.

Among the popular shopping spots in Kuala Terengganu are:
• Pasar Payang Central Market, Kuala Terengganu
• Noor Arfa Craft Complex, Chendering, Kuala Terengganu
• Sutera Semai Complex, Chendering, Kuala Terengganu
• Wanisma Tembaga, Kuala Terengganu.


Built in 1994, the masjid showcases a combination of Moorish and modern architectural elements. It is dubbed as the ‘Floating Masjid’ for its unique design. This masjid is built on a submerged platform. Whe n the water level rises during high tide, it creates the illusion of a floating masjid. The Tengku Tengah Zaharah Masjid is situated at the estuary of Sungai Ibai, 5km from Kuala Terengganu.


Traditional boat building activities are the main draw of this island. Fine, seaworthy vessels are created by local craftsmen using traditional boat making methods. The vessels are sold both locally and internationally. Pulau Duyong is also the venue of the Monsoon Cup Terengganu, a pretigous international sailing event.

You can see how the skilled craftsman build these boats entirely from memory, without the use of any blueprint.


Accessible from Merang Jetty in Setiu, a 30-minute drive north of Kuala Terengganu, off the Terengganu coastline on the northeastern coast is the Redang Archipelago. It is made up of a few islands namely Redang Island (the largest), Pinang Island, Kerengga Island, Lima Island, Ekor Tebu Island and Susu Dara Island. This area has also been gazette as a marine park and its brilliant underwater world is one of the best in the region. Meanwhile Pinang Island has a visitors’ centre that houses an exhibition room, an audio-visual room, a research lab, turtle touch pools and chalets.

Redang Island is indeed one of Malaysia’s most idyllic islands. This tropical paradise offers pearly-white sandy beaches, sparkling clear seawater, lovely sunrises and spectacular marine life. Its marvelous marine fish varieties, turtles and huge range of coral reefs make it a wonderful diving spot and its diverse coral species are said to be among the best in the world. The five famous dive sites in Redang are …

Resort Redang De Rimba

Pengusaha Resort Redang De Rimba, Encik Rosli Ab Ghani dan isteri Zukhati Jaafar adalah anak tempatan Pulau Redang, merupakan suatu nilai tambah kepada pelancong yang berkunjung ke Pulau Redang.

Terletak dipinggir bukit dan hutan berdekatan dengan Kampong Pulau Redang.

Resort beliau menawarkan bilik yang berhawa dingin dengan dua katil besar dengan harga yang berpatutan RM180 sahaja.

Resort De Rimba menawarkan pakej murah 3 hari 2 malam, RM320 seorang termasuk pengankutan, bilik, makan dan program-program santai dan sebagainya.

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Bagi anda yang ingin merasai kenikmatan dan kesegaran suasana Pulau Redang bolehlah menginap di Resort De Rimba;  untuk pertanyaan dan tempahan sila hubungi beliau di talian: 09-6302881, 09-6302887 @ 014-293 3131


Gemia Island is a tiny island located just beside Kapas Island. There is only one resort on the island to accommodate the rising number of tourists. Rooms are stretching along the rocky shore. Though the beach is narrow, yet, like other islands in east coast Peninsular Malaysia, it is covered by white sand.

Like other island hidden in the shadow of Redang and Perhentian Island, Gemia Island is less known to the tourists. Nevertheless, this has prepared the island a peaceful and quite atmosphere for holidays seekers and also the wildlife. Sea eagles, reef heron, tern and also the precious giant leatherback turtle come to nest their eggs on this island every year. Like some of the regular tourists who spend their holiday on the island every year, green turtles, Hawksbill and Olive Ridley turtle are also regular visitors too.

Lake Kenyir's

Tasik Kenyir is the largest man-make lake in South East Asia, spanning 260,000 square hectares. It is also Malaysia’s largest rock filled hydroelectric dam was built in 1980’s, the water level rises creating 340 islands, stream, waterfalls and rapids.

The rainforest that cradles the area bestows the lake with an incredible assortment of flora and fauna including rare ferns, exotic orchids, hornbills, elephants, and panthers. It is believed that the area is home to more than 8,000 species flowers, 2,500 species of plants and trees, 800 species of orchids, and 300 species of fungus.

Tasik Kenyir is located about 5 km inland of Kuala Terengganu and it is a popular destinations for eco-tourism. It is also gateway to Taman Negara through Tanjung Mentong. It is also an angler’s haven as the lake is home to species of freshwater fishes like Baung, Toman, Kelisa, Lampan and Kelah. Accommodation varies from a 3 star resort, chalets on the islands, floating resort or houseboats where rooms and…

Terengganu… A Unique Fabric of Nature, Tradition and Heritage

A destination you will think of returning

… a destination so complete that satisfies all your senses and desires for a getaway.

A holiday sampling the best that state has to offer all in one destination. The emerald islands off the coasts where you can dive into the spectacular depths of the coastal clear waters that will conjures up images of colorful reef teeming with fascinating marine life. Immerse yourself in the living museum of Terengganu’s awesome million years old tropical rainforests with its exotic flora and fauna which are snapshot of an ancient era. Ancient evergreen forests are carved with waterfalls with tumble into clear pools while rugged landscapes of green swept down to golden beaches and azure seas.

A cool and a perfect place to retreat and unwind. Explore Terengganu for a natural high of taste sensations, scenic beauty, adventure activities and the excitement of reliving a colorful tradition heritage kept alive.


Tenggol Island is another beautiful diving getaway island just 45 minutes from the coastal jetty in Kuala Dungun. It is size is approximately 3 km in length and 2km in width. However, this has not prevented it from becoming a paradise for many people especially diving enthusiasts. The sandy beach blends harmoniously with the surrounding environment. Further inland are forested rocky hills that make it a scenic destination for adventure seekers. The hills rising over 800ft offer a panoramic view of the island. This rocky terrain extends from the interior of the island to the ocean and has created a dramatic ideal highway for marine life.

For example in Teluk Air Tawar there is a large spread of sloping reef on the rocky wall, whereas Rajawali Reef, with vertical rocky walls with fall as deep as 32m, is home to corals and other marine life like batfish and black tip reef sharks. Besides calm coral gardens, you could also chance upon humphead parrotfish, giant stingray, bat fishes, whale…