Sunday, January 1, 2017


The Duyong Marina Resort has a marina to for you to dock your boats or yachts. Built for the Monsoon Cup, which Terengganu had hosted before, you will find the facilities for your yachts and boats on par with international standards.

Cruise on the Terengganu River upstream or speed off to the nearest offshore island, PulauKapas, about 45 minutes away. You can also explore the coastline, taking a detour to the Setiu Wetlands north of Kuala Terengganu or to Kuala Ibai where the famous floating mosque can be seen in the distance. And further south, you will find the mouth of the Marang River, which is one of the most beautiful scenic spots in Terengganu.


If you’re an avid angler, Tasik Kenyir would be a great place to go fishing, amidst the serenity and wild jungles of the interior of Terengganu. There is an angling festival that attracts scores of anglers every year. Rent a houseboat or a boat and make your way to the middle of this vast lake, the largest in Malaysia.

Apart from Tasik Kenyir, you’d find plenty of places to fish, from the banks of the many rivers and tributaries, to hitching a ride with the local fishermen to traverse the South China Sea for some real action on the seas. And if you’re on a trip to the islands, get a boat and anchor at one of the offshore fishing spots.

Squid Jigging

Participate in the Terengganu Squid Jigging festival, held in June every year. Quite a spectacular sight to see scores of boats head out to sea with lights on to attract the squids to surface. It’s like a floating city at sea.


If ever there is place to catch the best of Malaysian exotica, this is it. Enjoy Terengganu’s many photogenic natural and man-made attractions, from the old heritage sites of Kuala Terengganu to the simple and rustic Malay fishing villages by the sea, to the undersea world of corals and reefs to the wilds of TasikKenyir, Terengganu is a photographer’s paradise. Take a close look at the people and their way of life or focus on the intricacies of our wood carving skills on the panels of old houses, Terengganu is not short of visual subjects. Even if you don’t have an expensive SLR camera, your camera phone can already shoot awesome pictures. So be prepared wherever you go to capture the best of sights and candid moments that make your trip to Terengganu memorable.

Water Sports

Bring your jetskis, surf boards, windsurf gear and anything that helps you float and move on water to give that exhilarating adrenalin rush or that gives you slow and simple pleasures, Terengganu has plenty of water bodies for you to partake in any water sport. Go speed boating from Kuala Terengganu to the offshore islands, windsurf on the lagoon in Setiu Wetlands, jetski upstream on the Terengganu River, or take a slow kayak ride on Tasik Kenyir, come to Terengganu for a great sporting holiday.

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