Sunday, January 1, 2017

Picnics and BBQ

Get hold of your family and friends, grab some food and drinks, mengkuang mats (to sit on!) and perhaps a football to play on the beach, head on to any spot on our long scenic beaches or the waterfalls at Sekayu.

Terengganu is all about being outdoors where the beauty of mother nature is all there to be appreciated. Feel the wind, smell the fresh air or the musky odor of the rainforest, there’s nothing better to whet your appetite than being on the beach or next to a cooling cascade of water and having the best nasidagang or kerepoklekor and eating to your hearts content. When you’re on holiday in Terengganu, dieting should be declared illegal. Most importantly, please do not litter and pick everything you brought.


Batu Burok beach, Teluk Bidara beach, Pantai Kelulut, Kemasik beach, Paka beach, Pantai Air Tawar, and many more spots on the beach that you’d have to find and explore!

TTI River Boat Cruise

Take a slow cruise from the jetty at Taman Tamadun Islam and let the boat take you across and along the Terengganu river past some kampongs and dockyards. You will see a kaleidoscope of people and scenes of village life, from children bathing and jumping into the waters, to Malay village homes, just unspoiled rural scenes.

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