Sunday, January 1, 2017

What to Do

If you love the outdoors, culture, adventure or just peace and quiet, Terengganu is the place to be. Our wonderful natural attractions from islands and beaches to rustic kampungs and Lake Kenyir open up many possibilities of activities that one can pursue for a memorable holiday.

Depending on your interest, the following are the typical activities that you can pursue when you visit Terengganu.

Self Drive Tour

Take our scenic coastal roads from Cukai in the South to Besut in the north and you will find many interesting scenes of our coastline, from rustic kampungs to wetlands, inland lagoons and breathtaking beaches. Stop anywhere you desire and ensure you bring food and water and enjoy a picnic in any one of the many beautiful spots along the coast.


Take State Route T3 for the coast line tour. Stops: Kemasik Beach, Marang, TelukBidara, PantaiKelulut, TanjungJara, PantaiBatuRakit, Turtle Sanctuaries in RantauAbang, Pantai Ma’ Daerah.

To get to Tasik Kenyir, take the road heading towards Kuala Berang and signs will lead you to Tasik Kenyir. Fromt the East Coast Highway or LPT2, head towards Ajil and follow signs to Kuala Berang and Tasik Kenyir.

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