One of the many destinations in Malaysia, Terengganu stands out as having one of the most amazing and beautiful natural attractions. It is also rich in history, arts and culture.

Land of Artisans The state known is known for having many of Malaysia’s leading craftsmen and artisans in songket, batik, brass, wood carving, boat building, and traditional carpentry. In essence Terengganu has contributed and shaped many elements of Malay culture.

Terengganu’s boat building skills, crafted by hand without the use of blueprints and nails, is one of the many impressive accomplishments of Terengganu craftsmen.

And our songket weavers are known for their intricate designs and innovativeness to fuse the old with the new. We have a 300-year old brass industry, one of its kind in the country. Terengganu is also Malaysia’ top batik producer.

Ulek Mayang Dance



Songket Weaving

Batik Brass

Weaving Crafts (Mengkuang)

Wood Carving

Keris Making

Boat Building


Kite Flying


Wayang Kulit


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