Fascinating Cuisine

Many tourists from Malaysia seek out our cuisine too. Some of our notable popular dishes include nasi dagang (regarded as the State dish, made of steamed glutinous and normal rice eaten with a tuna fish curry), sata (a kind of fish paté), keropok lekor (fish sausage), keropok (fish crackers) and a variety of traditional sweets, some with whimsical names.

Terengganu Traditional Cuisine 

Whoever steps foot in Terengganu raves about our traditional food and most would automatically look for the nasi dagang and keropok lekor once they arrive. For those who are new to Terengganu, most of our food is fish based with rice and glutinous rice as staple carbohydrates. Our sweets are also unique with whimsical names, which can be amusing to the novice.

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